ipod armband

tarmband00This is John Mark. A former Peace Corps and Peace Corps Response volunteer, he’s now the director of CIAMO. That means that he is my boss, but he’s also my exercise and venting buddy too. He likes to jog, and had a shiny new ipod that he wished he didn’t have to carry when jogging. So he asked me to make him an armband. I agreed.

tarmband01Except that I wanted to make the parfait dress first, and during that time John Mark’s ipod fell out of his shirt pocket and hit the ground, cracking that top right corner.

tarmband12I felt bad for him, but not too bad, because look at my screen. What I would do to have only a corner cracked rather than the shattered eyesore I have now! In any case, I decided it was time to make his armband for him before he dropped it again and ended up with an ipod like mine.

tarmband02What I thought would be an easy project was indeed an easy project, but I had to redesign my original idea twice to make it practical for him, and in the end more time was spent designing than actually sewing.

tarmband03My first flaw: the cover strap was too wide and didn’t allow the headphone cord any space, so the closure could never close completely.

tarmband04Second problem: the ipod rested horizontally rather than vertically on his arm.

tarmband05Third problem, and the most important: the armband elastic would cut off his circulation.

tarmband06The second try was better, but not perfect. I narrowed the closing strap and changed the ipod to a vertical position on the arm. However there was still a question of the elastic. Here in Ouidah I cannot find wide elastic, 1” is the widest the shops carry. What to do, what to do?

tarmband07The solution is wings. John Mark suggested adding wings of fabric under the elastic to soften the tightness of the elastic.

tarmband08And perfect! The cloth (with velcro) allows him to wear the armband, then an extra elastic strap wraps around the fabric wings to tighten it.

tarmband09Now John Mark can jog in comfort and in peace knowing that his ipod won’t accidently hit the ground and that his veins can flow freely as the elastic isn’t choking him.

tarmband10Or, instead of jogging, he can chase ducklings in his backyard.


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