BurdaStyle 12/2012 Skirt #128

tdonut01Skirt #128 from the December 2012 issue of BurdaStyle. Or as I like to call it, the donut skirt. WIth a trapezoid attached. Because that is what it is: a giant circle with a small circle cut out.

tdonutdiagramThere wasn’t even a pattern to trace, just a diagram with calculated radiuses and angles to draw.

tdonut00Here’s what it looks like in the magazine. It originally called for zipper, but I changed that to elastic. A zipper means fuss and and fit.

tdonut04I wanted movement. I wanted something that could sit high or low on my body. Something that covered my knees. Something where I could eat a big lunch and not feel uncomfortable. Something that I could ride a bike in. Something I could hold a dog in. Something where I could do strange poses just to make the point that this skirt doesn’t restrict the body in any way.

tdonut05A practical everyday skirt is what I was looking for. As pretty as the Peony or Simplicity shift is, they aren’t very bike friendly. I have to wear tights and adjust the skirt to be able to swing my leg around on a bike. With this donut skirt, I can do whatever I want.

tdonut02I enjoyed adding the trapezoid to the left side.

tdonut03Asymmetrical isn’t usually my thing, but it caught my eye in the magazine because it reminded me of what Beninese women wear.

neighbor01If you ever visit West Africa, you’ll notice women and girls wearing a pagne. It is essentially a block of cloth tied around their waist. And when tied, it leaves one side with extra fabric hanging out. They’re constantly retying them throughout the day, it’s a common sight here.

neighbor02That extra fabric always gives the wearer an asymmetrical silhouette. Why don’t they use zippers or elastic? Why tie it each time? Is it cost? Is it tradition? Is there a practical reason? I don’t know, it isn’t my culture, but maybe I’ll find the answer before I leave. Oh, and when you have a matching top and head covering with the pagne, it is called a complet.

tdonut06For the moment, this donut skirt is the closest I’ll get to wearing a pagne. I know if I tried to tie a pagne around my waist, I’d spend my entire day worrying about it slipping down. With my donut skirt I’ve got none of those worries.

Pattern: BurdaStyle 12/2012 Skirt #128 (Actually no pattern, just basic geometry and math)
Fabric: Visage 10206
Outfit Photos: John Mark F.

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