colette iris (long) shorts

tiris01My first ever pair of… shorts! (?) I think they are too short to be capris, but too long to be called shorts. So what are they? Long shorts? Or maybe they actually are capris. In any case, they were made from the Colette Iris pattern. I wanted to try the Colette Clover pants but it wasn’t available as a .pdf pattern so I decided to make the iris shorts anyway by modifying the pattern. Where it said “lengthen or shorten here” I added an entire block of A4 paper to make them longer.

tiris05I would have loved to have kept them at their original short length. I rolled them up to see what they’d look like, and it confirmed my theory: they are really cute as shorts. And those are thighs that haven’t seen sunlight since America so they’re just a bit pale.

tiris02However, I am in Benin. Normally one never shows their knees. Here in the South, you can get away with it since many people have been exposed to foreign cultures here. But I would rather play it safe and wear what is traditionally acceptable, so I do not wear shorts or skirts with the hem above the knee.

tiris03One thing is certain: the next time I am back in an American summer, I am taking the scissors to these shorts and returning them to their real length. They are only long because of where I am now, but in a year or so, these shorts will be back in a much cuter form.

tiris04And lets not forget the pockets! Overall this was easy to make, and I’m glad I chose it as my first shorts/pants project.

Pattern: Colette Iris
Fabric: Puiss@nce 24687
Outfit Photos: John Mark F.

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