colette negroni for john mark

tnegroni01Remember John Mark? My boss, now former boss. It’s a near year and there’s a new director of CIAMO – Oscar Kidjo. (You might know his sister, Angélique Kidjo) Anyway John Mark will still be working at CIAMO for 22 more days and then he will go back to the Midwest. That’s how life is, people come in and people leave. I only wish JM would stay a bit longer, say, until September when I’ll conveniently leave as well.

tnegroni02He won’t be able to forget me because I made him a shirt. From Colette Patterns of course, the Negroni. I’d like to say that I made this out of the goodness of my heart, but really, a week ago the conversation went something like this: “Hey Cathy, I’ve got some christmas fabric, soooooooooo it would be nice if you made me a shirt with some contrast details and you can keep all the extra fabric? deal? Okay! thank you. oh and can it be done before jan 1st for my party?” I would like to note that there are very few people who can ask me questions like that, and John Mark is one of them. I don’t mind (and actually enjoy them) as long as it’s from people I genuinely like. When I get questions like that from people that don’t know me very well/I don’t know very well, it bothers me. But I like John Mark lots so I was happy that he wanted me to make something for him.

johnmarjI even made him a little preview in Photoshop to verify if the contrast fabric placement was OK with him.

tnegroni03First step: making pockets. Pockets with handmade buttonholes. I just can’t escape them! I think I’m going to start a count.

tnegroni04This was my first time making a men’s shirt and I’m glad I was following Colette Patterns’ instructions.

tnegroni05Usually I try to understand what is happening before I actually do it. However there was one step that I couldn’t figure out, and it was when I had to roll up the shirt and make a tube. I still am not sure what happened, but I just decided to follow the instructions and hope that it would make sense later. I’ve never made anything before that required me to roll up the fabric like this.

tnegroni06Slowly but surely, it started looking more and more like a shirt.

tnegroni07And then it was done! That’s what I like about sewing. I sew sew sew sew these random shapes that don’t make much sense… and then suddenly there’s a new piece of clothing on my body! Well in this case, John Mark’s body.

tnegroni08Oh this won’t be the last of John Mark. He’s got 22 more days here, that’s plenty of time for us to have lots of photo shoots. After that, though, it will be a very different last 8 months without JM.

Pattern: Colette Negroni 1014
Fabric: Blue Bazin, Laura L8266
Photographs: Cathy W.

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