i am peekaboo sleeves

tpeek01Peek a boo! I don’t know why there’s a bottle in that tree but I know why I’m peeking through a tree – because I made a a dress with peek a boo sleeves from the book I am Cute Dresses by Sato Watanabe. This is my second project from this book.

tpeek02Isn’t it cute? Not only do the slits visually draw your eyes around the shoulders  and neck it also has a very practical advantage for when one lives in a very hot and humid climate: air flow! breezeway! yeaaah! Skintight is not my thing, especially in this weather. I’ll take as many breathable outfits as I can please, thank you.

tpeek03Just because I was never in a sorority doesn’t mean I can’ t do the sorority group photo pose. It’s the best pose for showing off those shoulder slits.

tpeek05I can’t forget the buttons, can I?

tpeek066 for the drawstrings and 4 for the neck and shoulders.

tpeek04Here it is with outstretched arms. The dress is made from rectangles with three elastic waistbands stacked on top of each other. Getting the elastic through each narrow casing was a bit of a roadblock.

tpeek07Until I eyed my hangers. And my leatherman with nice strong wire cutters. Hmmmmmmmmm.

tpeek08Snip, snip, and then with some heavily taped elastic – the casings were filled with elastic in no time!

tpeek09Originally I wasn’t going to make this dress but JM asked if I was going to match with him and the boys for a New Years Party… a few hours before. So I only had an afternoon to put this together and I’m glad I did! Recognize his shirt?

tpeek10Note the embroidery on Adrian and Jacob’s outfits. That gives me ideas of how I can go collaborate with a tailor for an outfit rather than just having something made from scratch. Why not bring some fabric for them to embroider, and then sew with it? Hmm! Ideas are forming in my head.

tpeek11A new dress to start a new year. Let’s see what happens in 2013.

yampilePS: This dress is perfect for pounding yams as well.

Pattern: I Am Peekaboo Sleeves from I Am Cute Dresses by Sato Watanabe
Fabric: Blue Bazin
Photographs: John Mark F., Innocente A.

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