panel skirt from leftover java fabric

tpanel01This fabric is stiff. I assume it will soften up after I wash it… but for now enjoy my wrinkly mess! Also I need to remember that tops tucked into elastic skirts don’t look good on me.

tpanel02Remember the jiffy shift dress and how I accidently cut some pieces incorrectly? I finally decided to go back to those scraps and make something wearable. A panel skirt is what I decided to make since I had all those trapezoid shaped pieces.

tpanel03Initially I wanted to try piping. But then I decided I really liked how the bias strips looked, so I went with those instead.

tpanel04Though, I’ve decided to need to sew more slowly. My top stitches aren’t very straight and although I could use the excuse that my faceplate has no markings, it’s mainly because I went too fast.

tpanel05But I still like it. I also can’t wait until I go back to America and hem it, it’s at a very unattractive length for me and It will be much more flattering once I can hem it to just above the knees.

tpanel06Also.. a swing randomly appeared in the middle of Ouidah. Maybe it was private property.

tpanel07But that doesn’t stop me from climbing into it.

tpanel08Neither does it stop a child either. Swings are for all ages!

Pattern: No pattern, just 7 trapezoids stitched together with bias tape in between.
Fabric: Super Opulent Java 5396
Outfit Photos: John Mark F.

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