burdastyle 12/2012 dress #112

red01Hello! I present to you the first outfit photo shoot since the leaving of John Mark. Featured is dress #112 from the Dec 2012 issue of Burdastyle. It’s not a very good photo shoot but it’s still the beginning and I can only improve, right?

http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/metallic-dress-122012 is on the cover. Oooo!

red11And here’s my sketch. In leftover red bazin that I bought as contrast for my Burda 130 dress. However in this dress it is no contrast, it’s the star. The only one at that.

red12You’ll notice the absence of sleeves in my version. The usual reasons apply: it’s hot in Benin & I work with very stiff fabric. However this time there was an extra reason: the size 88 sleeves were SMALL! I know I have flabby arms but when I could barely wrap this piece around my arm – what was going to happen once the seam allowances went away? To confirm I compared it against the sleeve from Colette Peony. The Colette Peony sleeve (size 12) fit me exactly – any smaller and I would not be able to fit my arms through. So when I compared the Burda 112 sleeve against the Peony and saw that it was an entire inch smaller… I decided to save myself the trouble and make my dress sleeveless.

red02Something else happened too. I have neck poof. If you can’t see it look closer, I even drew an arrow to help. I have a lot to learn about fitting.

red03I could have ripped it out and resewn (is that the right word/grammar?) the zipper and facing… but I also could just let my hair down and change my posture slightly. Who’s looking at the back of my neck anyway?

red04Here’s the back!red05Here’s the front! I may not show it but I’m quite worried because there is a pile of dog poop behind me and I risked stepping in it.

red06Also my arm is in a constant right angle because of the remote. I’ll try to think of more creative arm positions so I don’t look I’m constantly twisting a doorknob.

red07Look at the ocean breeze! Today was a nice day. This dress has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day – I started it a month ago but had to put it in pause because I couldn’t find a zipper of the right length and color here in Ouidah and had to wait until I went into Cotonou to find one. Just a coincidence that I finished it around Valentine’s.

red08Another look at the neck poof. Maybe I’ll just call this dress a wearable muslin and that will justify everything. Ooooorrrr just be honest and say that I’m lazy and ready to move on to another project and am just not that into this dress. There! The truth is out.

red09Please excuse the wrinkles. But look at the zipper. Do you see it? No? That’s because it’s an invisible zipper and I’m definitely improving! I’ve got my treadled invisible zipper technique down and no longer dread the moment when I have to install an invisible zipper. (However, normal zippers still terrify me slightly as I haven’t worked with many patterns that call for them.)

red10Here’s the dress in movement. Bazin is quite stiff in the beginning (it makes crinkly noises…) so after a few washing it should drape nicely. Hopefully.

Pattern: Burda Style 12/2012 Dress #112
Fabric: Ghalila red bazin

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