i am kimono cut

iamkimonocut04When I am the model, photographer, and dog walker all at the same time, the photographs tend to look like this. Say hello to the I am Kimono Cut dress from the japanese book I am Cute Dresses by Sato Watanabe. This is my third project from this book.

iamkimonocut05Proof that Bosco is around. As distracting as that leash is, the last thing I want to be doing is chasing after a dog all because I was too busy photographing myself.

iamkimonocut13Here is what the dress looks like in the book. I don’t have any jersey (and I don’t think I could sew with it on a treadle machine anyway) so I just stuck to cotton. iamkimonocut02I was drawn to this pattern because I had a fabric with a very busy print that I didn’t want to complicate with seams and gathers.

iamkimonocut03This dress let’s my fabric stay as a solid rectangle, which is exactly want I wanted. When fabric is that busy, I don’t want to mess with it too much. But I also don’t want it to overwhelm me when I’m wearing it, so I found a maroon contrast to use for the sides.

iamkimonocut01This dress is really about sewing really long straight lines! I started at the hem of the front, sewed all the way to the shoulders, then continued on the back and ended with the hem on the back. Not sure if I explained it well but if you ever make this super simple dress you’ll understand.

iamkimonocut06I’ve gotten tired of making photos indoors. However it is very difficult to do anything photography related in Ouidah. People are either suspicious of me or really enjoy watching me like I’m a zoo animal Either way I attract a lot of positive and negative attention and I am not comfortable with it. But I spied this house under construction that is left alone as the workers go home at the end of the day. Perfect. Nobody is around and the lighting isn’t harsh as the sun is beginning to set.

iamkimonocut07But the best part? There are empty spaces (right side) for windows – a perfect height to set my camera down as I don’t have a tripod. Yeah!

iamkimonocut08I keep a tight grip on Bosco. He’s known to run away.

iamkimonocut09It’s hard to tell because I didn’t photograph my hands in them, but I added pockets to this dress. Side seam pockets are just too easy and too practical to not have in any dress or skirt. Who wants to carry around keys and a phone and small change? Not me, that’s what pockets are for.

iamkimonocut10I also added 4 small fabric covered buttons to the top so I could quickly identify the front from the back. I know it doesn’t take much time, but I dislike having to make that extra 5 second pause to determine the front and back of shirts/dresses before wearing them. I suppose that’s one thing I take for granted from ready to wear – there is always a tag in the back to let me quickly identify the front from the back.

iamkimonocut11Speaking of the back, here it is.iamkimonocut12Pattern: I am Kimono Cut from I am Cute Dresses by Sato Watanabe

Fabric: Ikat 10212 & Maroon Cotton

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