maroon tiny ruffles colette laurel + help from barnaby

purple01It is the Colette Laurel again, round two. Coincidentally it is also variation 2 from the Colette Laurel Extras e-booklet. I decided to use up my leftover maroon contrast fabric from the I am Kimono Cut dress, but I didn’t have enough fabric for the front. I ended up cutting out two pieces and joining them along the center, which is why I decided to hide that seam by adding a ruffle down the middle front.

purple02I also didn’t have enough fabric to make the sleeves, so I shortened them by folding the pattern up. Shorter sleeves are fine with me.

purple03I ran into a hiccup though. Seams + ruffles + strip on top = very thick layers.

purple04Layers so thick that my threads would snap every few centimeters. Siiigh! I had enough patience for the first row, but for the second row, my hands went into the air.

purple05I took out the bobbin and removed my thread.

purple06And did the next most logical step. Took a walk and visited a local tailor. With the coolest name ever – Barnaby. His name is Barnaby! When’s the last time you met a Barnaby?

purple07I let him work his magic because obviously I had none with all my broken stitches.

purple08His apprentice helped him remove my ugly stitches.

purple09With a seam ripper? No, they don’t have those here…

purple10Razor blades! Razor blades serve so many purposes here. From peeling oranges to unpicking seams to clipping nails, razors are just extra fingers for the Beninese.

purple11Much better, no? I noticed he was using a larger needle – so when I went home, I switched out my size 14 needle for a size 18, layered a bunch of scrap fabric together, and…. no thread snapping! So a simple needle change is all I needed.

purple12As a bonus, here’s what it looks like outside his window. Kids are the backbone of a household here – without them, nothing would ever get done.

purple13Bosco makes new friends anywhere he goes.

purple14Here it is all finished! I really like the idea of the dress but I don’t like how every little wrinkle and crease is visible. Bad choice of fabric. Would pressing/ironing have helped? I’ll be honest, I didn’t do that.

purple15The back. Again, hello wrinkles!

purple16I love the ruffle though and can’t wait to remake this dress in a much softer fabric. Also I will make sure to save a long enough fabric for the front strip so I don’t have any visible pieced seams.

purple17The tiny ruffles are on the sleeves as well. I love how the ruffles on this dress are subtle and don’t scream “cute” too loudly.

Pattern: Colette Patterns 1025 Laurel
Fabric: Maroon Cotton

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