burdastyle 03/2013 dress #113 + scrap photos

burdadavivapurpledress01Here is the BurdaStyle Dress #113 from the March 2013 issue. This dress marks the end of my stash! Now there’s no story today, but since I finished stashbusting my fabric I decided that I also need to destash my scrap photos. So along with today’s dress you’ll get peeks into photos that didn’t connect to any specific sewing project but are here now regardless whether you want to see them or not. My blog my rules!

burdadavivapurpledress15Here’s the original dress. I fell in love with it because it was automatically Benin friendly. Shoulders and knees are well covered, no need for tights here. Skirt is roomy enough to bike in. The sample is made with a busy print – perfect for about 100% of the fabric I see around me here. It just screams “made especially for Benin!” How could I not make it?

burdadavivapurpledress16Here’s the fabric. It is from Da Viva, a Ghanaian (but I think Chinese owned now…) brand known for it’s “subtle” busy prints. They’re still busy, but a lot less loud than the norm so I tend to deviate toward their shop when I’m in Cotonou.

burdadavivapurpledress17I nicknamed this the “wireless dress” because A) Who actually remembers the Burda year and month and pattern number when referring to their Burda project? My “Burda 3/2013 #113 dress” does not stick well in my head and B) there are little wireless symbols in this print! Can you spot it? There is also a purple pac man, fish scales, and a < symbol…. but I prefer to call it the wireless dress.

burdadavivapurpledress03At first I thought I would be lazy and leave the sleeves ungathered without the elastic for a very airy and flowy look.

Back CameraBut (bad photo) those really emphasized my wide shoulders and made them look huge. Out went that idea and back came the elastic.

burdadavivapurpledress02This dress fits so well! It’s too bad Burda instructions are awful, or else I’d make more of their things – I now only make things from their magazine when I’ve already done the technique elsewhere. For example, this dress has raglan sleeves, but I made sure I made my Lisette Souvenir top with raglan sleeves before I attempted this dress. Just in case!

burdadavivapurpledress09I cut a size 44, the largest. It’s kind of nice because I can work with both their plus sized patterns and their regular sized patterns since size 44 often overlaps.

Back CameraNow let the scrap photo destashing begin! Here we have a very pregnant goat just laying around.

burdadavivapurpledress11Side view.

Back CameraNow we have a bunch of goats just laying in the shade.

burdadavivapurpledress06Back view. I can’t get over how flattering this dress is. It’s not even tight on me, I can breathe and move around easily.

Back CameraMore goats, of course.

burdadavivapurpledress07Back, front, and side view!

random04Goats at market on a non market day.

burdadavivapurpledress05Let’s take the hair down.

Back CameraGoats grazing by the latrines. Who needs lawnmowers here?

burdadavivapurpledress08The busy print hides all the seams (check the line drawing) but I might make this later in a solid because I think those lines are nice.

Back CameraSmart goats head for the exit once I approach.

burdadavivapurpledress04I pushed my glasses up because they were fogging up from my sweat.

random05Goats grazing by a huge mango tree and as well as a very tall coconut tree.

burdadavivapurpledress10A serious face.

Back CameraGoats not your thing? How about cows?

burdadavivapurpledress12I used purple bias tape. Really not much to say, except, again, – look how flattering the back is! There’s no back poof and it curves along so perfectly.

Back CameraHere’s a chicken crossing the road.

burdadavivapurpledress13Hand on hip pose.

random09And, sorry, here’s a chicken that didn’t make it across :/ Such is life.

burdadavivapurpledress14Close up.

Back CameraI’ll leave you on a positive note… Bosco! If he decides that a belly rub hasn’t lasted long enough, he’ll stick his paw out in to prevent you from walking away. Smart dog.

bonusOne more bonus photo: After I finished the wireless dress, I had some tiny scrap… look at what I’ve been practicing for a future project! Coming soon!

Pattern: Burdastyle 03/2013 dress #113
Fabric: Retro by Da Viva DV0297

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