piped colette iris + jane buttons

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons01It’s the Colette Iris’ third appearance in my sewing journal – first with my long version, then Frances’ pajamas, and now one more. There are a few reasons why I made this. First, it was still during my post Frances visit slump which made me crave making and wearing America appropriate things. Second, I really liked my Madeleine bloomers and wanted a version that I could wear out in public in the states. Third, I only had less than a yard left of this fabric so I didn’t have many options of what I could make with it.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons27Fourth, I wanted to try piping and this seemed the perfect project to test it out on.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons28Fifth, I wanted to use more jane buttons. Sixth, watching Frances make her pajama pants just made me want to try the Iris again. Ok, I think that’s it for the “why” behind these shorts.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons02Onto the construction!

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons03I used Frances’ scrap to make my test sample and get a feel for how piping works.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons04That’s a lot of layers.pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons05For the real version, I stitched down the ends of the cord in the casing so that it wouldn’t accidently slip out.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons06Here is the waistband mid stitch. Please note the distance from the needle to the end of my waistband. This was a suspenseful moment. Why?

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons07Because this is how much thread I had left on the spool.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons09I’m so close to the end…

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons08But then my heart sinks because the spool is empty.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons10But wait! There’s hope! I glance at the tension wheel and there the ends of the thread are still there.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons11And I make it! Hooray! End of suspenseful moment. I think I did a “I don’t have to dig out a new spool and re thread my machine”  happy dance when I reached the end.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons12Can you see the piping? I promise it is in there. I don’t have a zipper foot (hah! I’m in Benin, nobody does) so I just used my finger to shove it as closely as possible as I could to the needle.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons13Which resulted in getting too close and the needle stabbing my finger. Then I promptly cleaned it with an antiseptic and bandaged up my cut. Don’t laugh. Not only have I heard of the infections that people get from minor cuts here, I’ve seen them. And they are not pretty. In the USA I can be lazy and leave it unprotected and not worry, but not in Benin! If you become lazy about cuts and scrapes here, you’re just asking for trouble later on.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons29Please admire my Jane buttons. Aren’t they the perfect match? They’re decorative though, I was in no mood for buttonhole making.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons30Also, my pockets! You see you think my pockets are 100% crazy print…

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons31But flip ‘them over and you’ll see the truth! Solid contrasts for half of them!

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons32It’s because I ran out of crazy print fabric. But it worked out because the brown is connected through the piping, the jane buttons, and the pocket. Perfect. (Yes yes I leave my edges raw. I don’t have a zig zag stitch and I don’t have pinking shears either. I also am not super confident with french seams + curves and pockets. Also this fabric doesn’t unravel. Also I promise to learn more about finished and neat seams when I’m back in the USA. Though I think this is just RTW clothing making me feel guilty, because honestly, what’s wrong with a few raw seams that nobody can see? Especially if they don’t unravel?)

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons33The hem is a simple twice folded him.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons14Photo shoot time! pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons15It’s hard to style it here… I don’t have any shirts that are fitted enough to look good with these shorts. Sorry I’m a loose t-shirt person here, fitted tees were left in my American closet.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons16I decided my pajama top (again) was the best match. But the looseness at the end didn’t look nice, so I fiddled around to make it faked fitted.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons17Then I remember I had a pink tanktop that I never wear because I have to wear it layered, and I’m just too lazy to layer it. Also, I have a muffin top – the shorts are cut from a size 10 instead of my normal 12. They are a bit too tight at the waist but fine everywhere else. But then I read this post by Nicole from Nicole at Home and she modified the waistband for a less curvy figure – perhaps that’s what I need to do? I’ll try it out for my next version as I do love these shorts!

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons18Also I’m really bothered my bra stap.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons19It’s the only thing I can look at. So distracting and tacky.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons20I tried to take the focus off those blue straps and put it on Bosco.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons21I then tried letting my hair down to hide them. Which works for the front.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons22But not the back.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons23Then I remembered that this top has a built in bra, so all is fine! Win! I am itching to create my own “staples” back in the USA – tanktops and tees are first on my list to make once I’ve left Benin.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons24Hooray for non tacky outfits! I celebrated with Bosco.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons25It looks SO MUCH BETTER!

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons26Yeah! Oh wait, I forgot, the photo shoot was supposed to be about my shorts. Oops sorry.

pipedcoletteirisjanebuttons34Here they are! The end. They are now in my suitcase and will be taken out again on Texan soil.

Pattern: Colette 1022 Iris
Fabric: Gold by Da Viva DV0922

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