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uniwaxcolettehawthorn23The reason why I’ve been posting so much this week is because of the Colette Hawthorn. It needed to be posted no later than today (July 25th) in order to make it for the Colette Patterns sewalong deadline since I don’t plan on being near a computer this weekend. But I also hate posting out of order, and the Hawthorn was the last thing I finished, so I needed to get all other outfits and events that happened before out of the way! Otherwise I hang on to images and photos for a while and let them sit for a few days or weeks until I’m ready to edit and write about them. But not with a sewalong! After this I am done with sewalongs for a while – I just want to immerse myself in my care packages, and those don’t involve the online community, sorry!

Back CameraSo while it was my most recently completed project, it was actually a project started way before the peony, renfrew, and pouches. On June 24th I was cutting out my pattern to tape together and made a huge mess in the courtyard.

Back CameraI tried to blame it on Bosco but he’s too smart and wouldn’t stay with the mess.

uniwaxcolettehawthorn03The thing is I don’t really care for this fabric. Which meant that I didn’t really care for my Hawthorn. I was actually in the wholesale market in Cotonou looking for another fabric, but couldn’t find it, but felt I needed to justify my trip out there, so bought this… not worth it. Lesson learned: do not buy fabric just so I don’t feel bad about wasting taxi money and effort to get to the market. Just walk away and wait until you do find the fabric you really want!

uniwaxcolettehawthorn04My fabric is made by Uniwax in Cote d’ivoire. Which by the way was bought out by Vlisco. Also I found this fact on their website: Le Wax Print est un produit de la gamme Uniwax qui, à la différence du Wax Block, ne subit aucun traitement de couleur supplémentaire après l’application de sa teinture de base. Les pagnes Wax Print se caractérisent donc par leurs tons monochromes. – This is where I learned that there is a difference between wax block and wax print. Wax Block = the crazy colorful prints with lots of different colors. Wax print = monochromatic crazy prints, often either blue, green, or burgundy red.

uniwaxcolettehawthorn05I did some creative cutting for the layout – and it worked perfectly!

uniwaxcolettehawthorn07Once I got to the point of attaching the sleeves and cuffs… I lost motivation and let it hang.

uniwaxcolettehawthorn08It didn’t help that this was my first time making cuffs and mine came out terrible so I just chopped them off.

Back CameraI still wanted to finish my Hawthorn, but I didn’t feel like putting effort into it AKA hand stitched buttonholes require that I really really love a project… and I unfortunately did not. Fortunately Barnaby the tailor is a good person, has a machine with a zig zag stitch, and was happy to make my buttonholes for me.

Back CameraAwa nu ka ka! Thank you! He wouldn’t accept money so I bought some cold yogurt for him later. After he made the buttonholes I stitched on my buttons and called it done!

uniwaxcolettehawthorn11So Peace Corps has summer camps (separate, one for boys and one for girls) where volunteers bring their some students to learn about malaria, hand washing, condom usage, moringa, AIDS, nutrition, sexual harassment, neem leaves, potential careers, gender equality, children’s rights, importance of education, study habits, financial planning,…. don’t worry they do fun stuff as well, such as soccer tournaments, field trips to ouidah, movie nights, dance night, music classes, and of course art classes taught by yours truly.

uniwaxcolettehawthorn12I’ve been helping out and it’s been a busy week. I love hanging out with other volunteers but I’m also a bit wiped – it ends on Saturday though so things will calm down for a bit. (This is why I had to post everything else before, it would’ve really bothered me if I posted the retirement party and dance performances *after* the hawthorn and the peace corps camp – because that isn’t the correct order of events! I am okay with outfits being posted out of order, but not for events.)

uniwaxcolettehawthorn13After one of my sessions I asked another volunteer to help me photograph my Hawthorn, But oops I left manual focus on so they came out blurry.uniwaxcolettehawthorn14Fixed. Ta da! Hello Hawthorn.

uniwaxcolettehawthorn19It is a bit too tight in the chest. I should’ve done a wide shoulder adjustment I think.

uniwaxcolettehawthorn20When I find a fabric I love I will make the Hawthorn again and put more care into the fit.

uniwaxcolettehawthorn15I do like it though!

uniwaxcolettehawthorn16I love love the collar.


uniwaxcolettehawthorn18Back close-up.

uniwaxcolettehawthorn21My sleeve with the cuff chopped off and a regular cuff added.

uniwaxcolettehawthorn22My buttons! Forgot to photograph the buttonholes.

uniwaxcolettehawthorn24Bonus blurry shots with Bosco when I came back later. Also if you squint you can see another forget-me-not pouch I made with my Hawthorn scraps. I don’t like this fabric on me but it’s fine for bags and accessories.

Back CameraBosco! Off the table!

Pattern: Colette 1026 Hawthorn
Fabric; Uniwax 14112

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