vlisco unseen lust

vliscowebsite03Ok Vlisco has done it again.‘

vliscounseen04They’ve released a new collection – the Unseen collection.

vliscounseen07It’s inspired by the many different (secret!) sides to a woman – and through subtle optical illusions, the new fabrics reflect this.

vliscounseen06It’s actually been out for awhile but fast inet went down so I’ve been unable to look at the collections online – until now!

vliscowebsite04Vlisco’s marketing is genius.

vliscounseen001Because as usual all that is in my head is want want want want.

vliscounseen02My sad story is that I got the email notifying me of the new collection – so I went to Cotonou a few days later to visit the shop.

vliscounseenjava15A look is all I wanted…

vliscounseen05And then I find out that the new collection had already been in stores for ten days already!

vliscounseenjava04All my favorites were either sold out or not even originally available.

vliscounseenjava09Vlisco doesn’t ship their entire catalog to a shop – only a portion! So just because you see it in print doesn’t mean you can buy it.

vliscounseen08The emails also don’t coincide with the fabrics arrival in the shops, only with the online page, which is why I arrived too late.

vliscounseen03Vlisco really knows how to create buss and demand. They print a limited edition, ship an even smaller selection, and then once its gone its gone. But the ads and the campaigns remain, increasing desire but leaving the buyers with no way to satisfy that longing for fabric.

vliscounseenjava10It’s frustrating for me because sewing helped me get over that lusting for RTW things I used to have. $5,000 designer gown I can never afford? No prob as I can hunt down a pattern and make my own eventually! But Vlisco fabric – no matter how much I hunt, I won’t ever be able to find this fabric ever again, unless the Chinese knock it off, but then I won’t be in W. Africa anymore anyway. What sewing freed me from has got me again.

vliscolookbook01They were even out of the look books, but I got lucky and I visited the wholesale distributer and the guy felt sorry for me and gave me his copy. Yay! So while I might not have the fabric I at least still have the book. Here’s a picture of a coat I liked.

vliscolookbook02This dress, which I couldn’t find online, was my favorite.

vliscounseenjava02Here’s the fabric for the dress pictured above. Swoon.

vliscowebsite02Now here is the dangerous part. I can still buy what I want through the online shop and have it shipped to Texas.

vliscounseenjava14Unlike the brick and mortar store in Cotonou, everything is available online. There are even fabrics not pictured or featured in the look books or in the campaigns!

vliscounseenjava01In fact it is overload for me to the point that because there are so many choices, I no longer am sure what fabric I really want.








vliscounseenjava13How could I ever choose?

v3Actually these three are my top contenders. The first one because I love the mint and red combo. The second because I love the contrast between warm and cool. Like a hot chocolate in winter. Or an ice cream on a hot summer day. And the third because it’s red and red always wears so nicely.

vliscowebsite01So. Help me. Do I buy? Not buy? Will I get over this fabric lust? Or will it haunt me forever? Maybe I need to learn how to start screen printing/use spoonflower to get over this. Also is it bad that I succumb so easily to Vlisco and can’t reject consumerism?

workinprogressOH and in case you think there has been no sewing going on here, think again – my social life came back and I have new friends to help me out with photographing outfits, but scheduling a photo shoot is tough stuff, so all these new me mades are just piling up on my laundry line for a bit. Soon!

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