the WIP… or UFO? purple batik burdastyle 12/2012 jacket #140

purplebatikreversibleburdajacket01Remember my batik making visit? Well you saw what I did with the green, but what about the purple? Well, here it is! It’s my very first work in progress. Or unfinished object. I don’t know what category this goes into.

purplebatikreversibleburdajacket08Lately I’ve been sewing for the future… like fall. It’s a mix of being tired of sewing summer clothes as well as wanting to wear me-mades right away when I’m back in the northern latitudes where tank tops and shorts won’t be immediately wearable. So please say hello to jacket #140 from the December 2012 issue of BurdaStyle. It was perfect because I’d never made a hoodie before and this was rated 2 dots for difficulty so it would be a perfect first jacket for me.

purplebatikreversibleburdajacket02I whipped it out quickly on that day I did the photoshoot for the mayor’s dress and the batik shirt dress. It was a triple photo shoot day and I didn’t feel like dragging Gabriel to a third location, especially for something that isn’t finished.

purplebatikreversibleburdajacket03Emphasis on quickly because it was hot and I did not want to drench this jacket in sweat! I just wanted the photo.

purplebatikreversibleburdajacket04The reason why this is a WIP/UFO is because… the lining is not completely attached at the sides.

purplebatikreversibleburdajacket05You see? You can peer into the inside of this jacket because I’ve not sewn down the lining. Now why would I leave it like that when I’m so close to finishing?

purplebatikreversibleburdajacket06It’s because… look… it’s REVERSIBLE!!! My first reversible garment! Which means I need a 80 cm reversible zipper – and I can’t find that in Benin. So I’m going to go notion hunting in Paris or London, then ask my sewing friends very nicely if I can borrow their machine to install my zipper, and then the plan is to have a nice light jacket for a French and British autumn! Hooray! (Option B was to use a regular zipper and make it non reversible… but the zippers here kind of suck and break easily and weren’t the right purple. Option C was to use buttons. But I wanted this to zip up. So I decided to stay with Option A even if it meant having to wait a few months.)

purplebatikreversibleburdajacket07Though I just realized that I don’t have pockets for the solid part. So it’s only kind of reversible… one side has pockets and one side doesn’t, but who cares! Please stay tuned for part 2 of this photo shoot as it’ll be happening somewhere a bit colder.


Fabric: Purple batik

Pattern: BurdaStyle 12/2012 Jacket #140

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