named patterns, digital fabric reunion, hunt for a coat, bosco love, & elastic

named00Guys, I was seduced by the Named website! It’s a new indie pattern company from Finland. (I was also seduced by Megan Nielsen patterns when her Breakwater collection was released… but I’ll save that story for later.)

named03I fell in love with the  Dakota shawl dress. I bought it immediately mainly because they had a special going on now where every purchase comes with a bonus collar pattern. I won’t be sewing this until early November, but I did want the collar and I do love discovering and supporting new pattern designers and I figured I’d buy it eventually, so why not now?

named01I decided to take a peek at my pdfs even if I wasn’t going to use them immediately. But the patterns are… OVERLAPPED. Like Burdastyle, but a lot less complicated. I am slightly annoyed because with .pdf patterns I like to cut out my size directly. I do not want to print, cut, tape, and trace. Boo! Yes this method saves printer paper and ink, but then I waste even more time and paper tracing off of it. I suppose I could print it 3 times, then I’d be able to cut out my pieces… maybe… but would that be an even larger waste of time, or not? I have a headache trying to calculate how many copies and which pages I’d have to print to avoid tracing. It’s what I’ll probably end up doing in any case.

named02As for the instructions… they are 100% text. I am a visual learner, but I think this dress is easy enough that I can figure it out with the text alone. But just be careful if you like diagrams and pictures, because you won’t find them here. I don’t regret this purchase, and I can’t wait to get started, but I’m not so sure if I will purchase others since the tracing and no diagrams are huge turn offs for me. Also, when you purchase a pattern you only get a copy of two sizes. Which means if ever I lose weight or want to sew it for someone else who is thinner than I am… I can’t. I like having the complete range of sizes, especially for .pdf patterns. So I suppose those are my three big turn offs. But good luck to them, I just don’t think I am their ideal sewer – I’m a lot lazier and need a lot more hand holding.

woodinamybutterlotustunicpartone06In other news, remember the 4 yards of fabric I split with my friend Frances when she came to visit? Well look at the photos she sent me!

woodinamybutterlotustunicpartone09Pillows and curtains, that’s what she did with two yards.

woodinamybutterlotustunicpartone11As for what I did with my two yards… to be continued! I’m saving this top for a London photoshoot with her curtains and pillows, so please stay tuned.

coat01Ahem… I have this fabric… and I want to make a coat similar to this… eventually. Later this year. But not this exact coat. I don’t like how the pattern has been sacrificed for the panels of this coat. So, I am on the hunt for the perfect coat pattern.

gertiecoatI found this coat from Gertie’s book, and I think it is pretty perfect for my needs in that I can show off the print without cutting it up. However, I can’t find a line drawing for this dress nor a photo of the back! So when I’m back in the states my first stop is Barnes and Noble to look at this book and determine if this coat is what I want.

random07Also I know there hasn’t been a lot of Bosco love here lately. So here’s a little dose to appease you. Bosco, by the way, has a new friend – Jean! I’m going to show you a clever trick about how to stash bust small bits of elastic.

jean01Jean loves sticks. I’ve had to start hiding my walking stick because if left out in the open, Jean will grab it and start chasing anything… namely Bosco. And a scared dog can be dangerous, so I keep the sticks hidden from Jean so he won’t bother Bosco.

jean02Jean’s mother is a genius. Why buy small flip flops that he will grow out of eventually? Better to buy larger flip flops…

jean03Then tie a piece of elastic to the back! Tada! Problem solved. Not only do the shoes stay on his feet, he can wear them for many years before they become too small! I watched this kid run around for hours – I can personally guarantee that those shoes did not fall off once. Clever clever!


Ok, the end for this post full of random thoughts! None of them were worthy their own post, but they were still swimming around in my head and I had to get them out – so here they are.

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