diva cup pouch

divacuppouch01Hello girls. Well, I’m assuming everybody who reads this blog (except for 1 boy) is a girl. And even if you are a guy, well, human body talk is fascinating stuff so read on! and so we will talk about my latest project – a new pouch for my diva cup. Which is none other than a menstrual cup.

divacuppouch02Since I live in a small town/city, pads are easy enough to find. The cheapest ones are 1.00USD for 10 and they are from Nigeria. After that there is imported Always from northern Africa and they are a bit pricier since they are imported. If you go to Cotonou you can easily find tampons but those cost a fortune, around 4-8USD for a box. Eep! If you live in village… then I think you just wad up some fabric and keep washing it. However, I don’t use rags nor pads nor tampons here.

divacuppouch03I use… the diva cup! You see, price isn’t what made me abandon the pad and tampon camp. It was trash cans. Or lack thereof. You see, while pads and tampons were easy enough to buy, finding a place to throw them away was near impossible. Toilets in buildings just don’t have trash cans. It is unheard of. So you have to carry around the used stuff in your pocket until you can find your trash can. And if you can’t…. you do as the locals do and chuck it on a trash pile outside. The problem is if you are white. Or stand out. White person’s trash = the lottery for beninese kids. We throw out lots of packaging and bottles and things that children adore. So going through a foreigner’s trash and inspecting their contents is the gold mine for the kids. Let’s just say a volunteer once told me a story about how she found a village kid with a used tampon applicator in their mouth… No thank you. I also don’t feel like carrying around a bloody mess in my pocket and trying to discreetly chuck it.

divacuppouch06Learning how to use this thing was a nightmare. But so were tampons. I guarantee any girl who uses this in the beginning will go through the “OMG ITS STUCK AND NOW I HAVE TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL” phase but may I please reassure you – you’ll figure it out! You’ll get used to it and removing the diva cup will become easy peasy. And then you’ll save so much money – no more tampons to buy! And you’ll save so much trash as well, if you’re eco conscious. And if you travel to a place without modern facilities, the diva cup is your best friend. After the bug hut of course.

divacuppouch04It comes with a pouch. But I really don’t like how it has the word diva on it. I know it’s the name of the cup, but really I would like my diva cup to remain in a nameless pouch to keep it subtle. I mean… if you know what the diva cup is you know exactly what is in here. I don’t think people use their pouch for anything else.

divacuppouch05So hello scrap fabric from my Hawthorn! Time to turn you into a pouch.

divacuppouch07I copied it exactly. I even stole the ribbon from the original pouch since I didn’t have any other ribbons. Yay! Now I have a pouch for my diva cup that doesn’t scream or advertise diva cup. There could be earrings or coins in here, how would you ever know that there’s a menstrual cup hiding in there? (Well, of course you readers – but that’s it, nobody else!)

On a random note – mini hot season has come back, and although I’ve completed a few garments, I just have no motivation to try them on and do a photo shoot in this heat. Rainy season spoiled me. Hot season = nap season.


Fabric: Uniwax 14112

Pattern: None, just studied and copied the original

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