the machine is sold

isoldthemachineandfoundpoopfabric00Welcome to my sewing space! Uhh… wait, something is different. There’s no sewing machine. It has been sold. I went around town to different tailors (there are a lot) and said if anybody was interested in buying a used machine in very good condition to come to Colo 2 (my neighborhood) and ask for Mama Bosco’s house. Adults here go by the name of their eldest child. So “Papa Jean” does not mean his name is Jean, it means his eldest child’s name is Jean. “Mama Yannick” does not mean her name is Yannick, it means her daughter’s name is Yannick. And since Bosco goes on lots of walks with me and I am childless and live alone, I’m known as Mama Bosco.

isoldthemachineandfoundpoopfabric01After some negotiating, we settled on a price – 45,000CFA. I bought the machine new for 60,000CFA (bargained down from 65,000CFA) so I think it’s fair. However that’s not the interesting part. The fun part was watching him get the machine home… on a motorcycle. First he tilts the machine and steps inside between the foot pedal and the machine.

isoldthemachineandfoundpoopfabric02Then he gets on the moto.

isoldthemachineandfoundpoopfabric03And… add a suitcase. I threw in a suitcase because I didn’t want to go down in price but was willing to part with stuff I didn’t need/want anymore.

isoldthemachineandfoundpoopfabric04That isn’t going to work.

isoldthemachineandfoundpoopfabric05Ok better. And then he left. Goodbye my machine, enjoy your new home!!

knitthingsthataretoohottowearinbeninAnd lest you think I didn’t finish the knits from the Susan and Miss Lulu care package… I did. But everything is for winter weather and I can’t bear wearing them in this weather, not even for a few minutes for a photo shoot.

isoldthemachineandfoundpoopfabric06Also. Look at this fabric I spotted. Do you see what I see?

isoldthemachineandfoundpoopfabric07It can’t be because I’m immature. I mean, tell me you see it.

isoldthemachineandfoundpoopfabric08It’s even BROWN!!! ??? I’m sorry I can’t see anything other than piles of poop for this fabric. And I can’t believe it exists.

1776coatsinspiration01Also, has anybody seen 1776? It’s another musical that JM gave me when he left, and I recently rewatched parts with my favorite songs, and noticed… the coats! I started dreaming again about my future coat that will be made later this year. The riding coats in this movie have a little party in the back that I would like in on.

1776coatsinspiration02Whoever thought that Benjamin Franklin would provide some sewing inspiration?

1776coatsinspiration03Look at how it flares! I won’t be jumping on any horses though.

1776coatsinspiration04I love the two buttons in the back.

1776coatsinspiration05Hmm hmm! Can’t wait to start this project, but no guarantees I’ll actually use these ideas – but at least I’ve noted them down here.

stripeddeargoldendress01I’ve also a new lofty goal: I want to master stripes one day and make this dress. The pockets, the bow, the chevrons, I love everything about it! Thank you to the online vintage shop Dear Golden for photographing this dress and thank you to Melissa from Scavenger Hunt for posting them.

stripeddeargoldendress02This is a “far far far future” project  – I’ve got a lot to learn before I try this, but I like having difficult goals to push me further.

boscoandtheroachesWhat. Did. My. Neighbor. Find. In her kitchen. In her kitchen that is next to MY kitchen?

justafewmoreweeksjustafewmoreweeks. . . JUST A FEW MORE DAYS, THEN FREE!! FREE FROM IT ALL!!!!

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