in france

Hello all, I’m here in Paris at the moment and writing on a friend’s ipad. Technology sure does move on quickly if you aren’t around to keep up! Thank you for all your kind words about Bosco. I’m happy to report that he’s moved on as I called Brownie and she said his tail was up and wagging and that he’s eating and playing fine as well. I suppose humans need more time than dogs to move on. In any case he’s happy, I’m happy, so all is well. In sewing related news I tracked down shops that sold Deer & Doe patterns and bought myself a few presents… Also meet Duncan, my friends’ five month old kitten. While they’re at work he keeps me company as I readjust back into a life of scarves, shoes with heels, ice cream, and bookshops. I’ll be back later with stories and photo shoots when I’m stateside again.

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