woodin amy butler lotus cami reunites with the british curtains and pillows

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor01Hello Woodin Amy Butler Lotus Cami top! This top has a complicated history. You see, the pattern was sent to me by Susan & Miss Lulu (Texas).

francesbeninesetailortop19 The fabric was part of four yards from Woodin that I split with my friend Frances when she came to visit in Benin (West Africa). Then the garment was sewed up in Benin (West Africa). The photoshoot finally happened months later when I visited Frances in her London home (UK). And now the photos are finally being edited and written about in good old Texas (USA)! But the garment is at the moment still in Paris… (France). Whew – all to be explained below!

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor22Here’s the fabric sticker that I wasn’t very successful in peeling off. Fabric in WA tends to always have a giant sticker on it to prove it’s authenticity. But the fake brands do it too. So in the end it’s just a huge headache since these stickers almost always leave a residue, even with an iron.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor02A few notes about Amy Butler patterns. If you google them lots of people complain about how the yardage estimates are completely off. That’s okay. However what got to me were the small notches. They were too tiny and I missed them often, resulting in me having to go back and remark my pieces. As for the instructions… they are wordy! They’re too long, I think, even for a beginner, and too annoying for a more intermediate sewer as who wants to read and decipher paragraphs when a sentence will do. I’m happy I tried this pattern but I don’t think it’s my style.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor03Aww, my old cutting table. Do I miss it? NO. I’ll never miss ant infested furniture! Done!!

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor04I made bound buttonholes.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor05But I forgot to take into account the two facings – the neckline facing completely blocks the openings of the buttonholes, thus rendering them rather useless. So I just cut out a hole… in any case (not pictured) they can’t be seen because I sewed everything shut.

woodinamybutterlotustunicpartone10Finished! However it was very tight and I couldn’t completely button it myself, so I decided to throw it into my suitcase and wait until I arrived in London. Fast forward several months…

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor06Oooo look! Try to ignore the London sun that’s in your face or the Ikea lampshade or the pretty white walls or the lovely dresser – look up. Look at the curtains.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor07That’s right! While I turned my two yards into a top, Frances turned her two yards into curtains.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor08And pillowcases (look on the ground). What a nice way to brighten up the home. Also note her purple velvet that she’s going to turn into a rug to add a pop of color to the guestroom.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor09No better place to do a photo shoot – the fabrics are finally reunited!

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor10I’m not a fan of backlit photos so we abandoned the curtains to a room with more windows.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor11Am I trying to play basketball? Not sure what I’m doing… but woah, check out the tan line from Benin on my feet! Also the skirt is a bit of a sneak preview, as it is also from the infamous Susan and Miss Lulu package… it just never ends does it? So many things were made from what they sent to me.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor12To be honest this top was too tight for me. I am sucking in a lot for these photos – I can barely move and it isn’t comfortable at all. So this was a photo shoot only outfit because once the camera was gone I changed into a top that was not so constrictive.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor13I think an easy solution would’ve been to just remove the buttons and re-add them back on closer to the edge to give me a looser fit. That or make the L size instead of the M size.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor14I had an easier solution though, but I’ll talk about that near the end.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor15Check out this guest bed. Not only is it wonderful to sleep in, it has some very amazing pillows, though I might be slightly biased.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor16This photo was just asking to happen.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor17And this is how one sleeps when one is wearing a matching me made top with matching friend made pillows. Try it! I guarantee you’ll sleep this happily too.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor18Frances herself makes a cameo (again!) on the blog.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor19As for how I fixed the “top is too tight on me” issue… this is it.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor20Why bother fixing a garment when it fits a good friend perfectly? Also, lack of luggage space contributes to this mode of thinking as well.

woodinamybutlerlotuscamimatchesfrancesdecor21Hooray! The top has a happy home – in Paris with my friend Izaskun. She’s Spanish but says that all the gray and black outfits in Paris are a bit depressing so she makes an effort to wear more colors. Glad I could help. Or rather, she helped me by lightening my load and helping me avoid resizing this top.


Pattern: Amy Butler Lotus Top courtesy of Susan and Miss Lulu

Fabric: Woodin Ambition

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