a cupper with the butterick b5248

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop01I actually thought Susan and Miss Lulu were a bit cruel for sending me this. It is A. knit B. stripes C. TINY stripes. D. I was using a treadle, remember? and… and… and…

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop10E. CURLY. This is not fabric. Fabric does not turn into some strange sea coral as you cut it.

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop02When it came to brainstorming time I flipped through Burdas. Raglan sleeves and stripes and stretch? Too much for me to tackle. Also too similar to the Renfrew, I was searching for something other than a tee. Pass.

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop03Diagonal gathers… with stripes… my head was exploding at the thought of trying to get all that to match. Pass.

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop04Ooo, this one seemed doable – except, wait, large seam down the center front. Pass.

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop05Buttonholes? Knits? No, I’m not ready for that. Pass.

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop06At first glance it seemed perfect. Until I saw the seams on the arms and on the bust. Pass.

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop07Oh, perfect! But it called for 2 5/8yd fabric, and I had only 2. Pass.

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop08Oh wait, I take back my cruel comment – I should have looked at my pattern stash first. They included a perfect pattern to go with this curly thin striped knit. Hello Butterick B5248 fast & easy. (Note how I copied their emphasis!)

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop09I just love the directions!! Stitch shoulder seams, stitch side seams, hem, finished! A simple enough form that I could focus all my energy into stripe matching instead of garment making. Baby steps for me, as ideally I would’ve liked to work with stripes on wovens first, but hey, when a box full of striped knits lands at your door, striped knits is what you do! What this means is that when I finally work with stripes wovens, it will be a breeze! Yay! (Afterthought: I realized I have worked with stripes before, for the Colette Hazel, but that doesn’t count because I hated that project so much I’ve erased it from my mind so technically it doesn’t really exist.)

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop16Check out the side seam! Look at those matching stripes!

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop17We can’t forget the other side seam either. I’m rather proud of my first ever stripes.

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop18As for the shoulder seam, uhhh, we can move on. Quickly.

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop11Once the garment is finished, I swept the floor. Yeah, this is how the floor looks like after 24 hrs. See all that dirt? EVERY DAY you have to sweep that up. You throw it out, the wind blows it right back in, and endless cycle I’m glad to be done with! I blame Bosco for all the hair.

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop12Aww, I miss Bosco. Whenever I swept the floor he’d escape outside and sit right by the doorstep until I was finished so he could come back in. Bosco, I miss you :(

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop13So I had all intentions of doing a fancy photo shoot once I was in Europe, but… the slouchy look is not my look. Try as I might, even with a belt, I can’t wear clothing this baggy out in public. Batwing is not my style for stepping out in public. So it became a pajama top. However if you look at the photo you might be able to figure out thatt he real reason is because Frances’ giant armchair was too comfortable and I didn’t feel like getting up or dolled up either.

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop14Back view, along with my bad posture. In this end this was a great project because the bagginess forgave the treadle straight stitches. When I made the Renfrew it was on the limit with no zig zag as I had to maneuver my way in, especially around the arms. But for this top, it’s so big that i don’t need it to stretch for me to get into, this, the straight stitches work just fine.

butterickb5248stripedjerseytop15And what does one do in the morning in the UK for a photo shoot? Prepare a cupper! Tea with milk, in case you didn’t know, is the final step for completing a garment, without it, it just won’t ever be completely finished.

Pattern: Butterick B5248 courtesy of Susan and Miss Lulu

Fabric: Striped Pink Jersey

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