diagonal striped sewaholic renfrew cowl neck

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance01It’s the Renfrew again! But after my first attempt with the wobbly neck binding, I decided I didn’t want to try a second attempt – so I went for the cowl neck instead to make my life easier.

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance02Susan and Miss Lulu sent me some clear elastic. I was all “oooooooooooooooo new thing to try how fun!” but the treadle was more “chomp chomp chomp stuck stuck stuck stuck pucker pucker pucker” so I unpicked it and replaced it with bias tape. I’m not sure the inventors of the treadle machine were aware that in the future clear elastic was going to be invented.

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance03Remember how I thought Susan and Miss Lulu were a bit cruel for sending me thin curly striped jersey? Well they topped themselves in the same package. Let me introduce you to diagonal uneven width multi colored light blue striped knit! At this point, I didn’t even consider stripe matching. How on earth do you even begin to plan out your cutting layout on a fabric like this? Anyway, so I sewed it up – but can you see the one glaring error I made…?

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance04I circled it. Yeah, I know I wasn’t going for matching, but I put a seam on the waistband right on the center front… of the 4 places it could’ve gone (side, back CF, other side) I managed to attach it to the worst part. Although I don’t have proof, I did indeed unpick it and reattach it correctly, so this cowl neck is perfect!

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance05Of course only an insane person would wear a cowl neck in Benin. So into the suitcase it went for France. Hello! However, I don’t have many good outfit photos of it. Why?

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance06Well… fresh bread, is that a good excuse? I mean here are your choices: A) munching on a warm baguette de tradition with salted butter versus B) taking a photo of yourself in a shirt. The baguette wins.

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance07Or how about pain au chocolat and freshly squeezed orange juice and tea? Uhhh with a breakfast like that I am in no mood for a photo shoot. Breakfast wins.

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance09Later on I tried again to take outfit photos in a mirror selfie style.

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance08But when there’s an 8 month old kitten interrupting your photo shoot… and looks at you… you turn the camera on him instead.

Back CameraYou also can’t help but cuddling with him and the ipad. Photo shoot versus kitten? Kitten wins.

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance11Then there’s a party. With friends you haven’t seen in over 15 months. Someone takes your camera and takes this photo.

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance12But you grab the camera right back and take photos of them. Photos of good friends that you’ve had no new photos for over year versus yet another set of outfit photos, which you’ve accumulated plenty in Benin? Friends wins.

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance13Also, whiskey wins too.

Back CameraThen, because the shirt was worn for uhh 3-4 days straight I washed it. In a washing machine. Oooh this does not get old!! So, shirt tumbling around in dryer versus shirt on me in a photo shoot? Dryer wins.

Back CameraIt was also worn while walking around Paris with a friend. (You can see the corrected waistband here.)

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance16Then, you find the perfect photo shoot spot – but it is much more fun watching a non sewer friend open up a sewing pattern for the first time. It’s like a map, but unless you sew, you won’t be able to find your way around. Confused friend with pattern wins here.

Back CameraThen, while still wearing the renfrew, you visit Berthillon for some ice cream.

Back CameraIce cream wins.

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance19Later on you (with the renfrew of course) visit a dear friend and his baby.

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance20Baby wins. I mean – seriously – there’s a newborn child here of a friend I love. Cute baby wins over photos of myself.

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance21Runner up to the baby? Raclette.

renfrewcowlneckalloverfrance22Uhm, hot melted French cheese versus photo shoot of me in a renfrew? Hot cheese won, and will always win. So! In the end I was having too much fun in my cowl neck to stop and do a photo shoot. Besides, there are enough photos of me from Benin – I needed to restore the ratio of “friends of cathy photos” to the massive amounts of “photos of cathy alone in benin but with awesome clothes” to a more balanced ratio.

Pattern: Sewaholic Renfrew Cowl Neck View C courtesy of Susan & Miss Lulu

Fabric: Diagonal striped knit also courtesy of Susan & Miss Lulu

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