finally finished batik reversible burda jacket #140

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket26Hello! Does this look familiar?

purplebatikreversibleburdajacket05_thumbIt should. Here’s a refresher from Benin in case you forgot. It’s jacket #140 from the December 2012 issue of BurdaStyle magazine – my very first Burdastyle issue, by the way! The jacket was dyed and sewed in Benin – the problem was the reversible zipper. They just did not exist in Benin. So I put it off for London.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket03When I finally arrived in England, I winterized my Adjovi dress and got ready to head into London to find a zipper.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket04PS I added pockets from the Colette Parfait because I deemed them necessary.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket05Then I was ready. Off I go!

Back CameraFrances took me to… I forgot. She took me to a lot of places. This was a place with two floors somewhere near Berwick St. The back story is that I looked first in Paris for a 76cm reversible zipper. I found it. In black. And for 15 euros. That is 20.23 dollars. And it was a color that was completely wrong! NO I said, I’ll hold out for London.

Back CameraDing ding ding! I’m pretty sure I did a little dance and gave Frances a hug when I found this. The price? 5 pounds? 4.50 pounds? (I forgot, it was so reasonable I don’t remember it.) 7ish dollars. AND it was in the off-white I wanted – Take that Paris, you and your overpriced notion shops!

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket06In London Frances kept me busy enough so I didn’t install the zipper at her place. Instead I went back to France to visit yet another sewing friend, Mélanie, who lives in Quimper.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket07First we ate. Sewing on an empty stomach is a big no no. Sewing on a stomach full of lasagna leftovers, that is good and improves sewing abilities.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket08After we cleared the table she pulled out her little baby, a husqvarna viking!

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket09Though there was a little sewing machine vs. cat for the table space. I may or may not have pushed the cat off the table.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket10Mélanie threaded the machine for me.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket11Mélanie makes her own pin cushions. I wanted to steal this… but didn’t. Maybe next time I visit.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket12Then the zipper was installed! Well one side only as I needed to slip stitch the other side.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket13Except… it wouldn’t unzip. My zipper was indeed reversible but it was not separable! I didn’t check when I bought it, I just assumed.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket14Huge mistake. So in the end I had to pull it over my head to get it, not fun. I also couldn’t lower my arms as I had on a thick fleece, t-shirt, and long sleeved tee underneath – too thick for this jacket to handle.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket15So close! So close! But not there. I had Mélanie and Mr. Mélanie try and open the zipper end, but no go – this zipper did not separate.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket16Rather than mope about my unfinished jacket, we went to the ocean.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket17Don’t need an installed zipper to be happy!

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket18Being with these two was my real purpose for going to Quimper, not to sew a zipper.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket19When I got back to the USA I ordered a reversible separable 76cm white zipper from Rockywoods Fabrics – this time scrutinizing the description to make sure it was what I wanted.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket20My new zipper arrived!

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket21Except… it looked exactly the same as the non separating reversible zipper.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket22What. They looked the same, except for the color.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket23The only difference was that one opened, and one didn’t.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket24I became suspicious. I yanked my former zipper hard. As if I wanted to break it and I was angry at the world. And then it opened!!! Uh… did I feel dumb or what. So in the end it was separable, it was just stuck and needed a good yank.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket25I reattached it to my jacket, then slipstitched the other side.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket27And ta da! The jacket was finally done.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket28Look at those cuffs!

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket29Moment of suspense: will it unzip all the way?

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket30The answer is YES!

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket31Time to take it off.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket32Flip those sleeves inside out.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket33Put it back on as dramatically as possible.


reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket35And zip up.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket36Almost there.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket37And DONE! Yeah my border print fish aren’t placed very well near the edge. But who says fish swim at 180° perfectly anyway? My jacket is a more realistic interpretation of a school of fish.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket38The sleeves are super long if you want to hide your hand, or you can roll them up for cuffs.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket39Oh that zipper is beautiful. Though I forgot to add pockets to the solid side, so I prefer to wear it on the print side as it’s more convenient for me. But both sides still work!

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket40By the way, I’m in Texas, and I’ve switched photographers yet again – this time it is is Ashey!

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket41She’s also modeling her cuff.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket42By the way she’s a sewer too (aren’t I lucky?) and the skirt she’s wearing is RTW but she did hem it herself.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket43We stopped by Texas’ oldest dance hall in Gruene.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket44If the John Travola movie Michael looks familiar, it should be… because this is where a scene was filmed.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket45But in my honest opinion, no movie can top Ashley posing. I much prefer Ashley than John Travolta.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket46Later on I swallowed Ashley in a huge hug outside an Antique mall because…

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket47…I hit the pattern jackpot! An entire box stuffed full of patterns from the 50s-60s for only $15.00 had my name written all over it. I took it home, naturally.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket48Ashley then made dinner.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket56Mr. Ashley says hi!

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket57My jacket says hi too.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket49Chili soup and homemade cornbread? YES PLEASE.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket50The next morning I hung out with her dog. She also has a fantastic baby fabric stash with some really ancient patterns gifted to her by her mother-in-law.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket51In the afternoon we went on a fabric adventure… with who else than Susan of Moonthirty!? HAH bet you weren’t expecting that!

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket52Proof! We visited three fabric shops but this one was the last one we visited, Texstyles.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket53Ashley bought some chiffon to sew a dress. Daring much? Good luck!

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket54Susan got something sparkly and I got something stripey.

reversiblepurplebatikburdajacket55Then we had dinner with Miss Lulu before I drove back to Dallas. Bet you weren’t expecting to see her either! Surprise surprise, but I had to say thank you in person to the people who sent me fabric all the way to Benin. And that’s it for the adventures of this batik jacket. Finally finished and completely wearable for all sorts of not-too-cold weather. Thanks to Frances, Mélanie, Ashley, Susan, and Miss Lulu for helping me out with outfit photos for this jacket.

Fabric: Dyed purple batik from Benin

Pattern: BurdaStyle Jacket #140 December 2012

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