parfait15Hi there, I’m Cathy. This is my online sewing journal where I keep track of my sewing projects with a treadle machine I bought in Benin. This blog will only last as long as I am in Benin, which is until September 2013. I am here in Ouidah as a Peace Corps Response volunteer for CIAMO, an international school of art and music.

Main site – Recent completed projects or stories related to my sewing in Benin in a grid format.
About – You are here.
Projects by Me – Things I sew. Mainly women’s clothing for myself with the occasional accessory.
Projects by Tailors – As much fun as it is sewing myself, it’s also a lot of fun to visit the local tailors in Benin and have stuff made for me.
Fabrics – Fabric I buy here in West Africa and the projects that come out of them. I prefer wax so that is what will appear most often.
Workspace – About my machine, where I sew, and what tools I use.
Ouidah – A former slave port on the West African coast, this is my home for an entire year, and if you’re curious you can see a bit.
Cathy is – My main journal.

I am a beginner sewer, I started to learn around Summer 2012. I originally bought a treadle machine in February 2012 while I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali and thought it would be a great way to pass time. Then I unexpectedly had to leave a few days after I bought the machine and left it (as well as a lot of people I liked) in Mali. I did not leave, however, all the fabric I bought in Mali. Over the summer back in Texas I used my mother’s electric sewing machine and began learning to sew with my Malian fabric. Then I was accepted for a teaching position in Benin, and since I was back in West Africa, I bought another treadle machine to continue where I left off. Let’s hope I don’t have to abandon this one early as well.

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